DL3IAS JN49EJ 144 MHz    September 2023

Dear friends of (2m) DX

During the tropo opening the last days I was actually not really in the tropo duct.
As usual with my altitude of only 100 m a.s.l. despite freetake off in all directions.

But thanks to the software of Joseph Taylor there were always short moments
where I could participate a little bit in the big DX.
In CW probably only very little would have been possible, and in SSB nothing at all.

The results:
- My first 2m QSOs (of my PC) to (PCs in) Estonia and Finland via tropo propagation!
- A new tropo ODX
- Additionally I could copy Russia and Belarus via tropo
- Respectively I was heard in Russia and in Moldova (ER1AN)
- And last but not least three new squares (JO82, JO83 and JO66)

To put it briefly: Absolutely fantastic!

I was also pleased that my radio neighbors Ralf DL1GI and Nelson DL1GME
did their first tropo QSOs to Finland.

And my contest colleague Dirk DK7CM was able to make over 200 DX QSOs from the
DR2X contest site in JO40QL over the last days.

As an attachment to this email you will find some pictures/screenshots.

Best 73,