OR6T in September IARU R1 VHF Contest 2020

Hello Matej,
here some data of the past 144MHz contest.
We made 662 QSO's ; claimed score = 236043 points and ODX = EB1RL - IN83FD ( 1071Km ).
station: K3 + TR144H ; 4x QRO amp ; 4x LNA ; 4x 8x 5element antenna's.
Signals were really small, with deep QSB, making some stations very difficult to copy...
Only 4 operators  in shifts due to Covid, and a stop during the night, hopefully we can make more QRV hours next time.
Opencontest map : http://www.opencontest.org/edi/map/20200907145524000131EEEVLP

See you guys during the October 432MHz contest!
73, Kevin ON5DRE.